Residency Program

The Residency Program provides accommodation and studio space to visiting artists who have been invited to participate in a residency by the board of artists’ who advise the Foundation. To date the typical number of artists’ participating in a residency is 2-3 at any one time. The advisory board believes that by having another one or two artists working together each artist will benefit from the collaboration and comradery. An important consideration for the program is to find the right combinations of artists from the perspective of style and personality. The first residency in 2013 included Euan Macleod and Peter Godwin and resulted in the successful exhibition “The Artists Journey” which was shown in the NockArt Gallery space in Aberdeen, Hong Kong and at the HK Art Center in Wanchai in 2014. Artists who have participated in subsequent residencies include Elisabeth Cummings, Luke Sciberras, Caroline Leaf, Tim Allen, Steve Lopes, Dapeng Liu, Ann Thomson, Ted Powell and Peter Kingston.  

The Residency Program in Hong Kong provides accommodation for artists in a three bedroom apartment in Wanchai which is central and convenient to the central business district and the Peak. The art studio space is approximately 1850 sq ft of converted industrial space on the South Side of the Island within easy commuting from the Wanchai apartment.   Artists have appreciated the apartment’s proximity to the restaurants, public transport, art supply shops and harbour side of the city. During the residency artists can arrange visits to the art village in Shenzhen where inexpensive artist materials can be purchased in bulk. The Hong Kong residency aims to introduce accomplished painters to the Hong Kong cityscape and past residencies have included trips into China to iconic Chinese destinations such as Shanghai, Guilin, Zhang Jia Jie, and Huang Shan. A new residency to be called the “Pam and Graham Residency” is planned for Queenstown, New Zealand. It is to be named after Michael Nock’s parents who are keen supporters of the arts. Pam Nock is a painter in her own right. 

The Pam and Graham Residency shall make available to the visiting artists a farm house nestled in a mature garden only 10 minutes from the Queenstown International Airport and close to Arrowtown, Frankston, and 20 minutes from Queenstown. The house has been named Giverny in homage to the Monet gardens in France and overlooks the Shotover River. At the back of the house a barn has been converted into a studio space. Limited art supplies shall be maintained at Giverny and available at cost to artists. The Pam and Graham Residency will also seek to introduce some of the visiting artists to local artists in the region.

Terms of Residency

The Residency Program is primarily invitation only, although artists may apply to do a residency by filling out an application form and submitting it to the advisory board. After the selection process undertaken each year by the artist advisory board, artists shall be approached to see if they would be interested in participating in the residency and when. An appropriate date for the residency will be discussed with the artist and potential artist collaborators reviewed on the basis of personal compatibility and artistic style. The artist will then be expected to make their own travel arrangements and bring some basic art supplies. Additional supplies may be available at each of the residencies however specific needs in terms of paints and other materials will be a matter of discussion between the Nock Art Foundation and the artist. Accommodation and studio space will be made available free of charge although artists will be asked to leave a work at the end of the residency which will be added to the Nock Art Foundation collection. The Nock Art Foundation will endeavor to subsidize travel and accommodation which is part of the Residency (but not getting to and from the residencies) although costs will be recouped from the sale of art works at the end of the residency. A typical residency is for a two-to-three-week period depending on the artists’ availability and schedule, although shorter or longer periods can be discussed on a case by case basis. At the end of each residency the Nock Art Foundation will endeavor to host a show for the artists. In Hong Kong a separate space has been used in conjunction with the Nock Art Gallery, which incorporates a 3600 sq ft space in an industrial building opposite the new Mass Transit Rail Station that is being built near Wong Chuk Hang on the south side of Hong Kong Island. “Meet the artists” dinners are also organized in this space and artists are invited to discuss their art and experiences with local and international collectors. Suitable exhibition venues are being explored in Queenstown and the Nock Art Foundation will work with the galleries of the residency artists to help organize shows at the end of each residency. 

Transportation of Artworks

Artists will be responsible for the transport of finished works from the residency. The Nock Art Gallery will arrange for the transport of works to Hong Kong or New Zealand in cases where a show is being put on for the artists, and where works are completed back in the artist’s home town. The NockArt Gallery will also cover the cost of stretching canvases and framing for shows in Hong Kong and New Zealand with such costs to be deducted from the artists’ account from the sale of works. 

Who are we looking for?

The primary focus of the Artist Residency program is mid-career and established artists with a specific interest in painting and a unique vision that might be enhanced by new motifs and landscapes. Print makers and sculptors will also be considered, although the residency may not be suited to conceptual and new media artists. Ideally such artists will demonstrate a strong propensity for traditional draftsmanship and painting and should have a strong capability in oil and or acrylic painting. The review process will take into account an artist’s exhibition record and originality.  Artists with an ability to interpret new subject matter in a unique language, and who can demonstrate sensitivity to new cultures are particularly welcome.

Application Process

Interested parties can submit images of artworks along with the completed application form which is provided online. Artists should provide details of their gallery and past exhibitions and include a short comment highlighting what they hope to get from the residency. Submissions will be reviewed every 6 months by the board of advisory artists. Artists can also nominate fellow artists that they might enjoy working with on a residency.