Terry Batt

Australian Artist

Producing paintings, drawings, sculptures and constructions since 1970, Batt is a graduate in Education and Fine Art at both Melbourne and Monash Universities and earned his Master of Fine Art from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, USA. He has held over 23 solo exhibitions in Australia, USA and Hong Kong. His recent exhibitions include “A Delicate Balance”, his 25 year anniversary show at Niagara Galleries, Melbourne, Australia and participated in the Korean International Art Fair in Seoul and the Melbourne Art Fair in Melbourne during 2010.

Imbued with a surreal aesthetic and pop romanticism, Batt uses the structure of symmetry to highlight the hypothetical balance and imbalance of his personal experiences while posing wider questions on social, cultural, political, economical premises.

The general theme of the exhibition references issues of balance in relation to a number of things. There is the balance of my life between teaching and painting. There is the cultural balance between East and West, particularly for me as a Westerner living in Asia. Hong Kong itself represents a remarkable balancing act between its predominantly Chinese cultural heritage and its geography, together with its past colonial history and the current impact of Western business interests, due to its global economic focus.” — Terry Batt