Date: 28 August 2019 -30 September 2019

ARTISTS: Ana Pollak, Joe Furlonger, Ann Thomson, Dedy Sufriadi and Indra Dodi

The Nockart Gallery, in partnership with the Nock Art Foundation, is pleased to present “Grey Area” a group exhibition featuring paintings by Indonesian artists Dedy Sufriadi , Indra Dodi and Australian artists Ann Thomson, Joe Furlonger, Angus Nivison, Ana Pollak and Elisabeth Cummings. The exhibition compiles a series of work spanning across several months and various media that is inspired entirely by the artists’ experiences during their joined residency in Queenstown New Zealand, China and Hong Kong

The artists present new ideas and visions filtered through their familiarly bold and lively aesthetic. The artists have different backgrounds, their artistic approaches toward the visualisation of their shared experience yields diverging results. The combination of the artists works strikes the viewer over the head with a vibrancy and immediacy into a grey worls that demands momentary immersion and provokes thought long after initial viewing.