Joe Furlonger was born in Cairns, Queensland.   Furlonger is regarded as one of Australia's most respected landscape painters, nine time finalist in the Archibald, winner of the Moet & Chandon Fellowship in 1988, and the Fleurieu Art Prize for Landscape in 2002.  He is known for his use of hand-made acrylic paints and reused canvases, his paintings oscillating figuration and abstraction. urlonger’s paintings are the result of a direct relationship with the Australian landscape, in particular the expansive open spaces of the semi-arid regions and the harbours of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales.His work is represented in the Australian National Gallery, Canberra; The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; The Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane; The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; The Powehouse Museum, Sydney, as well as many private collections.

He is currently represented by Defiance Gallery.