About Nock Art Foundation

The Nock Art Foundation was created in 2013 by Michael Nock as a not-for-profit organisation seeking to promote collaboration and understanding through art. Its primary mandate is to develop residency programs in Hong Kong, China, Australia and New Zealand, and to provide scholarships and funding to educational institutions focused on the arts. The Foundation has sponsored a number of Art Prizes in Australia and Hong Kong. The Foundation works with established and mid-career artists in the Asia Pacific region who are selected by a board of acclaimed fellow artists. The Foundation also provides scholarships for artists who wish to further their studies and provides funding for schools seeking to promote creative endeavours in the arts.


The Foundation operates at several levels. In addition to its charitable contributions to art related educational institutions such as CalArts and Geelong Grammar and sponsorship of various art prizes, it is looking to expand its scholarship programs, and is seeking to further develop the resourcing of its residency programs in New Zealand and Hong Kong. The Foundation has secured long term accommodation and studio space in Queenstown and Hong Kong which is made available to the residency artists. In addition to the residency programs and scholarships the Foundation works closely with Art-Lease and the NockArt Gallery to showcase the art created by the visiting artists at the end of each residency. The Foundation will continue to work with the NockArt Gallery to help sponsor shows and social events where artists can meet prospective collectors. The Foundation also aims to continue to grow its own collection of art which will be accessible to the local community and the Art-Lease office