• NockArt Gallery 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road Hong Kong Island Hong Kong

The NockArt Gallery is proud to present the work of Australian artists and longtime friends Elisabeth Cummings and Luke Sciberras. Completed in early 2015 as part of a Hong Kong residency program the paintings include “en plein air” works on paper and larger works in oil that were completed in a local studio. The striking visuals of the city have been synthesized and interpreted by the artists and the collaboration represents a body of work that will resonate with those who love the urban metropolis that is Hong Kong.

NockArt畫廊向您榮譽呈現兩位互為良師益友的澳大利亞的藝術家,Elisabeth Cummings 與 Luke Sciberras的畫作展。本次展覽的畫作將包括兩位藝術家2015年初來香港參加藝術家駐留項目時,在戶外寫生時在畫紙上完成的作品及在香港畫室裡完成的大幅油畫作品。兩位藝術家心領神會香港的旖旎風光且以畫道志,傳神地表達出無數人對香港這座大都市的熱愛。